Ms. Ann Yancey

Experienced, Licensed, Passionate Teacher

Hi! My name is Ann Yancey and teaching is my passion. I have recently finished my ninth year teaching middle school and high school English/Language Arts. I have spent the last five years of my career teaching at international schools in Turkey and South Korea. I look forward to living in Olympia, Washington, my new home, and finding a job in which I can continue pursuing what I love.

I earned a Master of Arts in Education and Professional Teaching, a Bachelor of Arts in English-Language Arts, and a Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education.

I can offer a depth of experience in leadership, supervision and curriculum development. I taught a variety of subjects (World Literature, American Literature, Reading, Speech, EFL, Drama, Writing and Grammar) and with a range of levels (Grade 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12).

I’m passionate about combining technology, teaching, drama, and creativity to increase engagement and student learning. Please get in touch :)

“Ann has proven herself to be an invaluable asset to our teaching team. Her creativity, energy and passion for student learning set her apart from the average teacher. She has been responsible, not only for classroom instruction but also for a great deal of curriculum design and the organization of many additional out-of-classroom events. Furthermore, she has been committed to extra-curricular activities, specifically on after-school academic support and also the English drama club.”

— Carole Nickle (Prep Dean)
Tarsus American College, Turkey